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Center for International Legal Studies

ICBA-CILS Symposium: International Trade and Investment Law

Tehran, Iran, Saturday, 13 April - Thursday, 14 March 2013

Faculty Confirmation/Registration

Poster for 2013 ICBA-CILS COnference (Azad University, Tehran) CILS is again collaborating with the Central Iranian Bar Association to organise a conference in Tehran, tentatively 14/15 February 2013. CIBA is an independent professional body for Iranian lawyers, their professional education, licensing and discipline, promoting the rule of law and due process in the Iranian legal system. After our joint 2009 conference on trade and investment, this year's event focuses on business and new technologies. The conference will be led by Mssrs. Reza Motamedi and Reza Yazdi of CIBA, with several top Iranian legal scholars and practitioners, assisted by Mr. Christian Campbell (CILS) and CILS Faculty.
For further information please contact Christian Campbell

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Jack Russo,