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Center for International Legal Studies

International Dispute Resolution

Anita Netzer, ed.


Arbitration in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (Mr. Stephen D. Mau)

Arbitration v/s. Litigation: Indian Perspective (Mr. Nusrat Hassan)

Document Production: New Developments in International Dispute Resolution (Dr. Christof Siefarth)

Enforcement of International Arbitral Awars in Brazil: an overview on the recent trends (Ms. Adriana Camargo Rodrigues)

Ethics in Arbitration: Connections, Conflicts and Collegiality (Prof. Phyllis E. Bernard)

General Principles of International Contract Law as the Applicable Substantive Law to International Contracts with a Focus on International Construction Contracts (Mr. John Tieder)

International Enforcement of Arbitration Awards (Mr. John W. Rourke)

Mediation in Slovakia (JUDr. Katarína Chovancová)

Mediation under Italian Law (Ms. Valentina Giarrusso)

Pax Americana: U.S. Dispute Resolution of International Telecommunications Contracts (Mr. Walt Sapronov)

Recent Developments in Mediation in England and Wales (Mr. Paul M. Hopkins)

Resolving Disputes Involving United States Expats and Employees Working Abroad (Ms. Lorna S. Katica)

Subtile Differences: A Look at Some Widley Used Rules in International Arbitration (Mr. Mitchell L. Lathrop)

The Effects of General Principles of Law (Ms. Christina Cathey Schuetz)

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Expansion of 28 U.S.C. § 1782: Is the Door Now Open to Discovery in Aid of Foreign Arbitration Proceedings? (Mr. Joshua D. Rievman)

U.S. Public Policy and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards Under the New York Convention (Mr. C. Ryan Reetz)