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Center for International Legal Studies

International Arbitration and Mediation - From the Professional's Perspective

Anita Netzer, ed.


Ad hoc vs Institutional Arbitration: The Pros and Cons from an Italian Perspective (Ms. Livia Oglio)

Anti-Suit Injunctions - Protection of Legal and Equitable Rights (Dr. Günther J. Horvath)

Arbitration in Slovakia: Breaking New Ground (JUDr. Katarína Chovancová)

Can We Assure Justice is Done in International Commercial Arbitration? (Dr. David A. Lawson, III)

Caselaw and Examples where Arbitration Awards sougth to be Overturn Due to Non-Disclosure by the Arbitrator under the American Jurisprudence (Ms. Sheryl L. Mintz Goski)

Collaborative Mediation in Complex Cases (Mr. Bill Marsh)

Concurrent Jurisdiction: The Relationship between Arbitral Tribunals and Courts in Granting Interim Relief (Dr. Bernd Ehle)

Cross-Cultural Understanding: An Essential Skill in International Advocacy (Mr. Robert L. Gegios)

Disclosure in International Investment Treaty Arbitration (Ms. Sarita Woolhouse)

Drafting the Arbitration Clause - Addressing the Issues (Prof. Margaret L. Moses)

Effects of Arbitration Clause on Arbitration: Avoiding the Pitfalls (Mr. Joseph N. Mbadugha)

From Canyon to Valley: Converging Practices in International Commercial Arbitration (Prof. Dr. Siegfried H. Elsing)

Inherent Tensions in International Arbitration Discovery (Mr. B. Ted Howes)

Interim Measures in Arbitration (Dr. Rolf M. Winkler)

Interim Measures in Arbitration - An Update (Mr. Hansjörg Stutzer)

International Arbitration and Mediation - From the Professional's Perspective (Mr. James D. Wing)

Mediating a Commercial Dispute - Interaction between Arbitration and Median (Prof. Dr. Renate Dendorfer-Ditges)

Mediation in the CIS Region and Setting Up Ukrainian Center for Commercial Mediation (Dr. Irina Paliashvili)

Seeking Interim Measures from a Canadian Court: Putting Confidentiality at Risk (Mr. George Vlavianos)

The Arbitral Award on Agreed Terms - A Tool for Enforcing Mediated Settlements? (Dr. Anke Sessler)

The Importance of Mediation for Resolving Intellectual Property Disputes in an Increasingly Global and Technological Society (Mr. Jeremy Lack)

U.S. Anti-Suit Injuctions in the Arbitration Context (Mr. C. Ryan Reetz)