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Center for International Legal Studies

The Arbitration Process

Susan Woodley, ed.


Drafting an Enforceable Arbitration Agreement (Professor Roger S. Haydock)

Exchanging of Documents and Dispositions in International Arbitration (Mr. John W. Hinchey)

Grounds for Refusal to Enforce Foreign Arbitration Awards (Ms. Nora Wouters)

How to Select an Arbitrator (Mr. Louis B. Buchman)

Mediation and Arbitration for Now and the Future (Professor Roger S. Haydock)

Pre-Hearing Techniques to Promote Speed and Cost-Effectiveness - Some Thoughts Concerning Arbitral Process Design (Prof. Jack J. Coe, Jr.)

Sanctions for Defying an Order of Interim Relief (Mr. George Anthony Smith)

The Choice between Adversarial, Inquisitorial and Mid-way Rules of Evidence (Avv. Dr. Mauro Rubino-Sammartano)

The Duty of the Tribunal to Render an Enforceable Award (Dr. Günther J. Horvath)

Value of Pre-Hearing Conferences & Suggested Items to be covered at Pre-Hearing Conferences (Mr Nael G. Bunni)