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Center for International Legal Studies

Issues in Crossborder Mergers and Acquisitions

Dennis Campbell, ed.


Belgium (Ms. Nora Wouters)

Canada (Mr. Jean François Giroux)

Characteristics of Asset Deals in Austrian Law (Dr. Arno Brauneis)

Chile (Ms. Patricia Núñez)

China (Mr. Wei Shen)

Cross Border IP Driven Mergers and Acquisitions - Italian Perspective (Ms. Julia Holden)

Cross-Border M&A Demystified - Practical Advice on Staying One Step Ahead of the Game (Dr. Stephan Wilske)

Cross-Border Merger – Tax and Legal Aspects in the Czech Republic (Mr David Nevesely)

Cyprus (Ms Nancy Ch. Erotocritou)

Czech Republic (Ms Monika Maskova)

Employment Issues in Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions in New Zealand (Ms. Jennifer Mills)

European Union Merger Control (Mr. Filippo Amato)

Foreign Acquisitions and Joint Ventures in China (Mr. M. Bart Kasteleijn)

Greece (Mr. Christos Gramatidis)

How to structure an M&A deal in Germany (Dr Petra Eckl)

Hungary (Mr. Sándor Németh)

India (Mr. Nusrat Hassan)

Indonesia (Mr. Sigit Ardianto)

Israel (Mr. Russell D. Mayer)

Italy (Mr. Luca Tiberi)

Japan (Mr. Taisuke Igaki)

Nigeria (Mr Femi Agunbiade)

Philippines (Mr. Hector M. De Leon, Jr.)

Portugal (Ms. Marta Pereira da Silva)

Sri Lanka (Ms Shehara Varia)

The Formal Requirements for Cross-border Transactions of Shares or Assets of German Companies (Dr. Arnd Becker)

Trinidad and Tobago (Mr. Timothy T. Hamel-Smith)

Ukraine (Ms Yevgeniya Derbal)