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Center for International Legal Studies

International Business Transactions: Standard Forms and Documents

Dennis Campbell, ed.


01. Business Format Franchising (Dr. Mark Abell)

03. International Bank Guarantees (Dr. Friedrich Schwank)

04. Performance Bonds (Avv. Dr. Mauro Rubino-Sammartano)

10. Foreign Investment (Taiwan) (Mr. John C. Chen)

14. European Community Notification Framework (Sir. Dan L. Zaum)

14. The New European Community Competition Framework: Consequences on Notification of Distribution Agreements (Sir. Dan L. Zaum)

15. Technology Licensing in the European Union (Dr. Mark Abell)

16. International Licensing Agreements (Mr. Howard Zaharoff)

18. United States Construction Contracts (Mr. Paul M. Lurie)

22. The Liechtenstein Trust (Dr. Norbert Seeger)

27. Confidentiality Agreement (Mr. David Hull)

28. Partnership Agreement (Mr. Joseph D. Joyner, Jr.)

34. Mediation Agreement (Mr Paul Jacobs)

35. Sales Representative Agreement (Mr. John H. Friedhoff)

37. Indemnification Agreements in Business Combinations (Mr. Byron F. Egan)

38. Indemnity Agreement (Mr. James M. Jansing)

39. Expatriation Contracts (Mr. Achim Heuser)

41. Due Diligence Analysis (Dr. Arno Brauneis)

43. Transponder Purchase Agreement (Dr. Julian Hermida)

44. Patent and Know-How Licensing Agreement (Mr. Yulan Kuo)

45. Protection of Foreign Investors in the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws (Mr. Hector M. De Leon, Jr.)

46. Agency Agreement under Brazilian Law (Ms. Adriana Maria Gödel Stuber)

47. The Mandate Agreement (Dr. Peter Wolff)

49. Term Loan Facility (Dr. Bernd Taucher)

50. Supplementary International Commercial Arbitration Clauses (Dr. Stephan Wilske)

52. French-German Cross-Border Acquisition of Shares (Ms. Almut Diederichsen)

54. Company Formation in the European Union (Dr. Tamás Fézer)

55. Starting a Foreign-Owned Company in West Africa (Mr. Jonathan Kish Adamu)