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Center for International Legal Studies

Legal Issues in the Global Information Society

Dennis Campbell, ed.


Copyright and the Challenges of the Digital Age - Can all Interests be Reconciled? (Ms. Dana Beldiman)

Cryptography and Electronic Signatures (Mr. Maury D. Shenk)

Data Protection and Transborder Data Flows: Balancing Proprietary and Privacy Rights (Mr. David C. Gryce)

Domain Names: A Global View (Mr. Fredrik Roos)

Effective Formation of Contracts by Electronic Means: Does the World need a Uniform Regulatory Regime? (Ms. Karen Mills)

Introduction (Prof. Stephen C. Hicks)

Limiting Copyrights: Considerations for an International Fair Use Standard (Mr. Jon David Grossman)

Resolution of Disputes over Information Technology Transfer (Mr. Mark A. Nadeau)

Technology Surveillance (Mr. Sajai Singh)

Vendor's Liability for Defective Software in a Global Market (Mr. Sakari Aalto)