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Center for International Legal Studies

Lexis Nexis Emerging Issues Analysis

Christian Campbell, ed.


Aer Lingus/Ryan Air Case (Mr. Robert Ryan)

Argentina’s most recent protectionist measures (Mr. Esteban Rópolo)

Codification of franchise and license transactions (Ms Katharina Wurm)

Competence of the General Meeting of Shareholders in Relation to M&A Deals under Russian Law (Ms. Anastasia Rusinova)

Cross-border assignment and licensing of economic rights in a copyrightable work - certain practical aspects (Mr. Marek Oleksyn)

Crucial Moment for International Investment Law and Arbitration (Mr. Ivars Mekons)

Defamation in the Cyberage: The Emerging Trends (Prof. Dr. Mohd Altaf Hussain Ahangar)

Determining the Nationality of a Philippine Corporation Engaged in a Party-Nationalized Industry (Mr. Hector M. De Leon, Jr.)

Developments of Legal Framework for Clean Development Mechanism Application to Geothermal Industry in Indonesia (Mr. Sigit Ardianto)

Discrimination and Equal Treatment of National Minorities in the Practice of the Supreme Court of Estonia (Mr. Sergei Jegorov)

Emerging Issues in the Nigerian Power Sector highlighting in particular the role of the Nigerian Electricity Reform Commission. (Mr. Dolapo Kukoyi)

Emering Corporate Governance Trends in Nigeria (Mr. Ayuli Jemide)

Employee use of electronic means at the workplace. Balancing employees privacy and corporate safety (Mr. Catalin Baiculescu)

Estonian Supreme Court’s Latest Word on the Substance Over Form Principle (Mr. Jaak Siim)

EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (Prof. Dr. Tanel Kerikmäe)

European Arrest Warrant (Ms. Christina Eckes)

Favord Taxation Countries and Privileged Fiscal Regimes in Brazil (Mr. Walter Douglas Stuber)

Franchising in China (Ms. Ella S.K. Cheong)

Government of the Grand-Duchy decision to adopt the OECD standard in terms of exchange of information in tax matters (Dean Yann Baden)

Greek Law on Investments in Renewable Energy Sources (Ms. Christina Koliatsi)

Latest amendments of the Bulgarian Investment Promotion Act and its implications in the relevant legislation (Ms Veneta Hristova)

Microsoft Corp. v Commission of the European Communities (Dr. Robin Van der Hout)

new civil and commercial procedure code of El Salvador, new code new rules (Mr. Ricardo A. Cevallos)

New Developments in the Area of Turkish Commercial Law: The Draft Turkish Commercial Code (Ms Sebnem Isik)

New Developments Relating to Piercing the Corporate Veil in Canada: Choc v Hudbay Minerals Inc., 2013 ONSC 1414. (Mr. Stanley W. Elkind)

New Leniency Regulations in Hungary (Dr. Chrysta Bán)

New Rules on merger notifications in Brazil (Mr José Alexandre Buaiz Neto)

Nigeria's Real Estate Boom: How? Why? What? (Mr. Ayuli Jemide)

Not so good migrations: the new UK points based system has poor vibrations (Ms. Laura Devine)

Obtaining US discovery in support of foreign proceedings - Section 1782 (Mr. Geoffrey Gauci)

On the emerging use of estoppel by Lebanese and French courts: Towards a “civil law estoppel”? (Mr. Marwan Sakr)

Overview over recent developments of Swiss disclosure rules relating to significant shareholdings (Dr. Urs P. Gnos)

Participation Rights of Shareholders in Spanish listed Companies (Ms Alicia Sánchez)

practical approach about the structures and risks for getting meaningful security in cross-border transactions when Cyprus companies are involved (Ms. Chrysthia N. Papacleovoulou)

Pre-bankruptcy procedures under the new Greek Insolvency law: the test of iron and fire (Mr. Constantinos N. Klissouras)

Recent Changes in Colombian Procedural Law (Mr. Andrew Abela-Maldonado)

Reform Treaty (Mr. Pierre Kirch)

Regulatory and De-Facto Restrictions to Investments in Argentina (Mr. Fabián D'Aiello)

Secured Transactions Regimes in the Emerging Arab Market Economies (Ms. Hiba I. Husseini)

Shareholders’ Right to Information under the Russian Law (Ms. Anastasia Rusinova)

Social Media Plug Ins: Recent Court Decisions in Germany (Prof. Dr. Hans-Josef Vogel)

Tax Benefits for New Immigrants and Expatriates returning to Israel (Mr. Alon Kaplan)

The Commission's White Paper on damages actions for breach of the EC antitrust rules in light of the Manfredi-judgement (Dr. Robin Van der Hout)

The Current Regulations on Debentures and Financial Bills in Brazil (Mr. Walter Douglas Stuber)

The enforceability of first demand guarantee in Estonia questionable (Mr Arne Ots)

The European Union's Position Within The WTO (Ms. Christina Eckes)

The European Union's Relationship with the United Nations and the World Order (Ms. Christina Eckes)

The Impact of the EU Cookies Laws on Global Websites: UK Perspective (Mr. Robert T.J. Bond)

The Import of the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission Act (2005) on Public Private Partnership in Nigeria (Mr. Ayuli Jemide)

the Most Recent Amendments of the Hungarian Copyright Law (Mr. Peter Mezei)

The new Angolan Private Investment Law – Implications and Legal Uncertainties (Mr Luís Roquette Geraldes)

the new Budgetary Architecture of the EU in view of the Financial and Economic Crisis (Dr Dimitrios Skiadas)

the new challenges and opportunities for India in Bilateral Investment Treaties (Mr. Sumeet Kachwaha)

The Patent Court in Russia - The Missing Link (Mr. Vladimir Biriulin)

The Privy Council and the Caribbean Court of Justice: Issues for Future Practice (Sir Trevor Austin Carmichael)

The Relationship Between the European Community and the European Union (Ms. Christina Eckes)

The status of implementation of the Blue Card Directive (Mr. Marco Mazzeschi)

Trademark disputes and protection (Dr. Kate Storey-Whyte)

Transfer of Title as Security Devices (Ms. Gabriela Anton)

Unconventional marks in the Middle East (Mr. Bassel El Turk)

Understanding Italy’s New Class Actions Regim (Mr. Casey Halladay)