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Center for International Legal Studies

Liability for Products in a Global Economy

Susan Woodley, ed.


Air Carriers' Liability for Passenger Injuries Resulting from Hijackings (Mr. D. Bradley Kizzia)

Civil Liability for Defective Products in Spain (Mr. Miguel Torres Mingot)

Comparative Analysis of Product Liability Law in China and the United States (Mr. Wei Shen)

Consumer Protection in Turkey (Mr. S. Murat Celikten)

Federalism in American Product Liability Law: Do Similar Problems Lie Ahead in the European Union? (Mr. Jonathan M. Hoffman)

Foreign Products Liability Actions in U.S. Courts (Mr. Joseph K. Hetrick)

Mass Tort Settlement Options in Class Actions and Multidistrict Litigation (Mr. Gerald C. Sterns)

Product Liability in Argentina - Ten Years as from Enactment of the Consumer Protection Law (Mr. Lisandro Alfredo Allende)

Product Liability in Brazil (Mr. Sergio Pinheiro Marcal)

Product Liability Law and Shareholder Value Creation (Prof. George J. Siedel, III)

Product Liability under French Law (Ms. Vonnick le Guillou)

Recent Developments regarding American Personal Injury Law (Mr. Sheldon Karasik)

Suppliers' Vicarious Liability for Defective Products in Danish and European Law (Mr. Georg Lett)

The Italian Product Liability Experience (Ms. Sara Biglieri)