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Center for International Legal Studies

International Employment and Business Immigration Law, 2009

Salzburg, Austria, Friday, 9 October - Monday, 12 October 2009

Sessions will cover a wide range of employment law-related topics, including terms of employment, outsourcing, employer-employee dispute resolution, employee IP rights, discrimination, redundancy, occupational hazards, compensation for work-related injury, business immigration et. al.

The symposium starts on Friday, 9 October with working lunch and afternoon sessions. Sat, Sun, and Mon mornings will host further sessions, with leisure time planned in the afternoon as well. The working language is English.

The Center will certify up 1.8 CLE credits (based on 50-min hours) and/or 1.5 CLE/CPD (based on 60-min hours) per 90-min session attended.

Fees include three nights accommodation (different categories), lunches, dinners, travel insurance, coffees and drinks, social and professional program, CLE/CPD accreditation, and materials (for delegates and faculty).

Dress: Business Casual

When arriving at Salzburg Airport, ask the taxi to bring you to Schloss Leopoldskron. It is about a ten minute ride.

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Evis Alimehmeti, Delia Baroianu, Jacqueline R. Bart, Alexandra Bösch, Terrence Brathwaite, Clayton E. Cartwright, Lindsay Curcio, Laura Devine, Nada Dollani, Marcel Dolobác, Markus Dörig, Lisa Jo Fanelli-Greer, Kristaq Gjyli, Ashlesha Gowariker, Tim Johnson, Tatiana Kiseleva, Alan M. Koral, Jelle Kroes, Katarzyna Krupa-Lipinska, Aleksey Prokaev, Peter Ramsauer, Soma Ray-Ellis, Miguel Ruiz Herrera, Krisztina Rúzs Molnár, Svetlana Shuraleva, Yoshikazu Sugino, Péter Szemán, Eric Taussig, Elena Aleksandrovna Tropinova, Takhir Valeev, Joris P. Van der Goes van Naters, A.H.C. Van der Maas, Teri Wilford Wood, Elena Zarova, Pearl Zuchlewski,