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Center for International Legal Studies

International Arbitration Symposium

Salzburg, Austria, Thursday, 10 June - Sunday, 13 June 2010

Presentations will encompass themes and subjects as follows: Selecting the Tribunal: Effective Competition for Revenue Among Arbitral Institutions and Their Respective Financial Conditions; Institutional Abuse of Arbitrators and Clients; Liabilities of Arbitrators; Consolidation of Arbitrations; Multiple Party Representative (e.g. "Class") Actions and Preclusion of Claims of Non-Signatories/Kompetenz-Kompentenz/Update on Non-Joinder Authorities; Arb-Med, Med-Arb and Mediations "With Teeth"/Under What Circumstances do Parties Choose these Solutions and What Measures are Employed to Obtain Agreement to these Techniques?; Interviewing Arbitrators/Role of Party-Appointed Arbitrators/Role of Chair/Confidentiality of Panel Deliberations/Dissenting Opinions and China Noble Inc. v. Lei Kat Chang (Canada); International vs. Local Public Policy" - South America/Sharia/CIS/EC Competition Law/Money Laundering through the Award; What Weight Should be Given to the Annulment of an Award under the Lex Arbitri?/Independence of Annulling Court and Standards for Measuring It Monde Re and Application of Forum Non Conveniens Doctrine to Enforcement Proceedings; Civil Law/Common Law: Substantive Differences; Evidence Assembly; Transfer of Hearing Situs

The symposium starts on Thursday, 10 June. Sessions will run Thursday to Sunday. The symposium concludes with a dinner on Saturday. General departure day is Sunday, 13 June. The working language is English.

The Center will certify up 1.8 CLE credits (based on 50-min hours) and/or 1.5 CLE/CPD (based on 60-min hours) per 90-min session attended

Fees include three nights accommodation (different categories), breakfasts, lunches and dinners, travel insurance, social and professional program, CLE/CPD accreditation, and materials (for delegates and faculty).

Dress: Business Casual

When arriving at Salzburg Airport, ask the taxi to bring you to Schloss Leopoldskron. It is about a ten minute ride.

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Federico Antich, Bennar Aydogdu, Bernard Ballansat, Philippe Bärtsch, Caroline Berube, Louis B. Buchman, Riccardo G. Cajola, Luc Demeyere, Renate Dendorfer-Ditges, Michael B. Devine, Bernd Ehle, James Freeman, Rodrigo Garcia da Fonseca, Remy Gerbay, Laurent Hirsch, Thomas Kendra, William Y. Klett, III, Christopher Koch, Michael Kotrly, Joachim Kuckenburg, Gerry Lagerberg, Stephen D. Mau, Joseph N. Mbadugha, Sheryl L. Mintz Goski, Georg Naegeli, Rostislav Pekar, John B. Pinney, Nikolaus Pitkowitz, Austin I. Pulle, C. Ryan Reetz, David P. Roney, Howard Rosenfield, Marianne Roth, Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, Lawrence S. Schaner, Christina Cathey Schuetz, Christof Siefarth, A. Nicholas Simon, Paul Anthony Smith, Ivan K. Stevenson, S. I. Strong, Hansjörg Stutzer, Koji Takahashi, John Tieder, Charlotte Villeneuve, George M. Von Mehren, Clarisse von Wunschheim, Philipp K. Wagner, Richard E. Walck, Michael H. White, William G. Whitehill,