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Center for International Legal Studies

LLM in Transnational Commercial Practice with ELTE University

Budapest, Hungary, Sunday, 3 April - Saturday, 16 April 2016

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Dorathy Achumba, James C. Buttery, Claudia Caluori, Yi Chen, Ágnes Christián, Xiaoqing Chu, Thomas S. Clifton, Mohammad Fallah Sefatraftar, Frederico Favacho, Na Geng, Stefan Gerlach, Joseph K. Hetrick, Andrea Jeney, Alewyn Petrus Joubert, Mark D. Kimball, Miklós Király, Péter Kovári, Rurik McKaiser, Zahra Moaddeli, Laurent Niddam, Viktória Oláh, Julia Sullivan, Ramy Torbey, Lloyd Nicholas Vergara,