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Center for International Legal Studies

Artificial Intelligence - Think Tank

Join us Via Zoom, Tuesday, 26 January - Tuesday, 26 January 2021


Join us for two one-hour sessions on Artificial Intelligence and networking opportunity with old and new friends whom you may not have seen in a while due to the global pandemic.

Chaired by

Silvia L. Coulter

Patrcia McGovern


Session 1 (16-17 CET/10-11 EST)
The Business Side of AI


• Jared Jaskot, Legal AI and Chatbot Maker, Start Up Founder, Immigration Attorney

• Ilda de Sousa, Kingsley Napley LLP, London, England: Implications of AI in Immigration

• Brian Kuhn, Vice President Technology & Digital Consulting of Elevate

Session 2 (16-17 CET/10-11 EST)
(IP) Law Practice and AI


• Ryan Phelan, Partner, Marshall Gerstein, Chicago IL: Patenting Artificial Intelligence Inventions in the US

• Ulrike Till, Director of AI Policy at WIPO, Geneva, Switzerland: Why AI Raises IP Policy Questions

• Matt Hervey, Gowling WLG's UK Head of Artificial Intelligence: IP Strategy for AI


Artificial Intelligence continues to challenge law firms to find ways of developing and applying applications that will help reduce the cost of time-consuming and labor-consuming tasks for delivering legal services and improve efficiencies for the business of law. While still a mystery to many, AI is quickly finding its way into applications in law firms including:
o Legal research; e-discovery; contract review; document drafting;
o Forecasting—often referred to as predictive technology, based on precedent and review of past results to assess potential outcomes;
o Data and legal analytics—now widely relied on for managing the business side of law firms as well as the legal work;
o Timekeeping, billing, and collections;
o Intellectual property.

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Folasade Abiodun, Dorathy Achumba, Jonathan Kish Adamu, U. Emilia Anagbogu-Ezenwa, Pravin Anand, Ezenwa Anumnu, David Aylen, Rahul Batra, Claudia Berndt, Maria-Teresa Beyeler-Sapiente, Irene Boccardo, Anna Bose, Cynthia Braun, Christian Campbell, Jessica Lorena Cañas Gamboa, Raymond P. Carpenter, Andrés Chirgwin, Andrea Corcoran, Clint A. Corrie, Silvia Coulter, Lindsay Curcio, Michael Alan Dailey, Ilda De Sousa, Laura Devine, Kevin J. Dunlevy, Derya Durlu, Dominik Eickemeier, Rima Fawaz El Husseini, Fouad Chawki El Saddi, Robert Fabrikant, Sebastian Feiler, Kenneth L. Fields, Linda Fitz-Alan, Daniel E. Gardenswartz, Roula Harfouche, Matt Hervey, Volker Hesse, Jared Jaskot, Sharon Kan, Savitha Kesav Jagadeesan, Pierre Kirch, Richard L. Kornblith, Maria Kouri, Martin Kriegler, Brian Kuhn, Kafayat Lambo, Stephen Larson, David A. Lawson, III, Cary Lerman, William Manson, Thomas F. Margiotti, Patricia McGovern, Mehrnaz Mehrabi, Sheryl L. Mintz Goski, Ali Mohd Azmi, Jonathan Neff, David Nolan, Afam Osigwe, Stephen M. Packman, Ryan N. Phelan, Anna Plevri, Stuart Pollak, Jack Russo, Christof Siefarth, Paul Simmons, Rajesh Sreenivasan, Ercus Stewart, Pauline Garga Tarfa, Ulrike Till, Ramy Torbey, Gemma Tracey, Svetlana Trykanova, Ashley VanOoteghem, Ingrida Veiksa, Dragos Vilau, John Warren, Olayiwola Yahaya, Roman Zelichenko, Jânis Zelmenis, Sonia Ziesche,