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Center for International Legal Studies

Why We Do What We Do and Practical Consequences - in Mediation

Join us Via Zoom, Friday, 12 November - Friday, 12 November 2021

How Can We Lead that Change as Mediators in Environmental Disputes – Social Conflicts - Peace Building; Investor-State Mediation
Mediation as culture changing driven factor; Sustainable Developments Goals; Peer-to-Peer Mediation


Hon. Ken Fields

Claudia Caluori


John Sturrock, Core Solutions, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.

James Claxton, Associate Professor of Law at Waseda University, Kyoto, Japan.


Open discussion on Zoom for 2 hours; First ½ hour: Meeting and greeting as well as ensuring all attendees are on online; next 1 hour: Introduction & background of speakers and discussion; last ½ hour: open discussion/questions/comments from everyone

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Federico Antich, Orit Asnin, Claudia Caluori, Colin F. Campbell, Kenneth L. Fields, Tim Allen Hicks, Carol Ludington, Annie McCartney, Shane Mulrooney, Mauro Rubino-Sammartano, Christof Siefarth, Marie-Aude Ziadé,