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Center for International Legal Studies

Mediation Monday

Salzburg, Austria, Monday, 6 June - Monday, 6 June 2022

Mediation Monday Speaker Club
The Hon Colin F. Campbell (ret.) (USA), The Hon. Kenneth L. Fields (ret) (USA), Ms. Lisa Renee Pomerantz (USA), Mr. Jack Russo (USA), Dr. Christof Siefarth (Germany), Ms. Marie-Aude Ziadé (France)

9:00-12:00 Interactive Panel Discussion
Challenges in Virtual Mediation

Lead Speaker: Lisa Renee Pomerantz
What are the challenges and how can we overcome them

Lead Speaker: Jack Russo
Training for Virtual Mediation

Group Discussion:
What Do We Predict Will Happen to Dispute Resolution in the 21st Century?
* Internationally;
* Within the US;
* Within the EU

13:30-16:30 Interactive Panel Discussion
German Conciliation Courts

Lead Speaker: Christof Siefarth
* What is it and is it working as designed?
* Practical Considerations when using it
* Is it a Model for Export to other Jurisdictions

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Simon Boehme, Colin F. Campbell, Kenneth L. Fields, Lisa Renee Pomerantz, Jack Russo, Christof Siefarth, Marie-Aude Ziadé,